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Changemaker GUTS Talk - Starting a Business with a Purpose, ESG

7 Mar 2023

Business success is often defined as maximizing shareholder value or creating profits. But the purpose of a business could be something else. And how can one strike a balance between making profits and making a positive impact to the community?

More than a buzzword, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is an important component in creating value and measuring non-financial impacts of a company. Adopting an ESG framework and creating a “Business with a Purpose” help a business from reducing risk and lowering costs to improving reputation and attracting new customers. What is the process like, in real practice, to empower customers for sustainable consumption and create value for companies at the same time?

Ms Juliana Lam, the Founder & Managing Director of Julius Group, and the Founder & President of INNOTIER, will speak about her entrepreneurial journey of establishing a business in the sustainability industry and the challenges of transforming a conventional manufacturing business with setting ESG and building a “Business with a Purpose” as the core values. Ms Lam will also share her experiences in influencing the consumers and promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Be inspired and become a changemaker!

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Speaker Bio:

Ms. Juliana Lam

The Managing Director of Julius Group Holdings Ltd. and Founder of INNOTIER, was influenced by the heritage roots in gloves & accessories manufacturing from her father since 1963. She has over 20 years of manufacturing experience in gloves & accessories industries, with over 20 factories in China and Southeast Asia under her management. As the OEM manufacturer of gloves & accessories, Juliana reestablished Julius Group in 2016. Transforming from conventional manufacturing business, Julius Group now becomes a forward-thinking company with strong beliefs in ESG and building a “Business with a Purpose” as their core values.

With her strong manufacturing background and global mind set, Juliana founded INNOTIER in 2020. It is an innovation-driven and purposeful retail brand backed up by two 100% owned factories, creating a unique vertical business set-up, with a mission to develop sustainable lifestyle products. One of the patented technologies is using 99% pure silver threads weaved directly into the fabric. INNOTIER designs and manufactures garments and accessories that can inhibit and eliminate virus and bacteria, most significantly SARS-COV-2 on the second of contact. Under her leadership, INNOTIER has accomplished remarkable achievements in only 2 years since its start up and partnered with world renowned institutions such as United Nations, UNESCO and Disney.

Juliana has been awarded as “China Top 100 Women Entrepreneur Awards 2012” by the China Association of Women Entrepreneurs, she was the only female winner of the “2014 Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong” by FHKI. Moreover, she has received “The Lifetime Achievement Award Winner of GGEF Women Eco Game Changer Awards” in 2017 and has also been honored as “the Outstanding Businesswomen” by Hong Kong Commercial Daily in 2019. In 2022, individually, she has been awarded as the Sustainability Leader of the Year (Large organization category) while INNOTIER received the Excellence in Pandemic Resilience Award by Hong Kong Management Association.


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Changemaker GUTS Talk - Starting a Business with a Purpose, ESG