SBM Alumni Sharing

When Art Meets Business
5 March 2019 (Tuesday)
12:30pm - 2:00 pm
HKUST Business School Central - Rm 1501- 02, 15/F, Hong Kong Club Building, 3A Chater Road, Central

On March 5, 2019, HKUST Business School will be presenting the SBM Alumni Lunch-time Sharing: “When Art Meets Business”, featuring our talented alumnae artists who have been working with passion and dedication in combing their background in business and expertise in art.  Bridging the gap between the world of business and art through their projects, they will share about their unique journey and takeaway as entrepreneurs.

Vivian HO – MBA

Dolphin YIP – BBA (MARK) & MA (SOSC)

Eric Yim – MBA

Alumni Price: HKD80 (pay at door, including light lunch and drinks)
Registration Deadline: 1 March 2019

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Dolphin YIP

Dolphin is a Visual Artist who actively promoting Meditative Art in Hong Kong. With an inborn hip-joint dislocation condition, Dolphin was told by the doctors there will be a high chance to rely on wheelchair for the rest of her life. She suffered continuous pains until she started her spiritual practice in late 20s and realized that physical illness is highly related to psychological condition and beliefs. At 35, her hip pain got significantly improved by a shift in core beliefs. She was then inspired to fully focus on art healing for people in need. With 10 years of mindfulness practice, Dolphin alchemized meditation with expressive arts and founded a neo-form of meditative practice named “Soul Painting”, which supported her to recover from postpartum depression in 2016.

In 2018, Dolphin extended the concept of Meditative Art to various art forms beyond painting, and founded a pioneer meditative art hub, Art of Dove (A.O.D.) Meditative Art Studio, to further cultivate this unique concept in Asia. Dolphin obtained a MA (SOSC) & a BBA (MARK) degrees from HKUST.

Vivian HO

Vivian is a post-90s emerging artist who is active in the scene of art and illustration in Hong Kong. She is best at capturing everyday life and unconventional beauty with a touch of humor and imagination. In her few years of practice, Vivian has already held numerous exhibitions in different locations including the US, Italy, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. She also worked with an extended range of brands and programs including MTR Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and more.

Despite her devotion to art, Vivian also has vast interest in business and entrepreneurship. She obtained a degree in Wesleyan University in the US and recently graduated from HKUST with an MBA for Professionals. Vivian is eager to see how business and art can come together.

Eric YIM

Eric Yim, founder and designer of Jadeite Atelier, is strongly passionate towards art and design. Brought up by modest jeweler parents, at young age he first discovered the jade jewelry industry as dated and monotonous. Although never received formal art school education, his disinterest in jade took a turn when he decided to follow his passion and made an early career change in 2007 to enter the jewelry industry.

In 2010, he re-united himself with his family’s jade jewelry business in Hong Kong where he began to re-evaluate jade in new light. Having recognized its raw beauty and cultural significance, he was inspired to showcase it in an innovative way. This led to his start in Jadeite Atelier, with an aspiration to change the misleading “green-buddha” or “dragon-like animal” stereotypes of jade and sculpt jade into contemporary pieces relevant to modern lifestyle.