Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness in the Workplace

8 Mar 2022
Zoom Webinar

On March 8, the International Women’s Day, we are presenting an hour of empowerment, with presentation by accomplished scholars and sharing by business leaders on diversity and gender equity in society and in the workplace.

In partnership with our student-led organization LEAP, the webinar is part of the University’s 30th Anniversary programs to promote diversity and inclusion in the hope of inspiring and preparing young women to face invisible barriers in the workplace.

Join the webinar to explore:

  • Perspectives on glass ceilings in the workplace from women in leadership
    Ways to overcome diversity, equity and/or inclusion related issues when one comes to them
  • Insights on building a more inclusive, diverse and equal community

About the Speakers:

  • Prof. Emily Nason, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions, also our BBA alumna, will give the opening remarks.

For the faculty presentation, we have Prof. Jing Zhu from NTU (also our former SBM professor) and Prof. Betty Lin from IPO (also our KH EMBA alumna) to present their research and ideas about gender equality.

For the panel discussion, we have our two HKUST alumnae – BSc alum Becky from OneDegree and MBA alum Irene from HSBC, to join us on the panel to share their experience and thoughts. For the discussion and Q&A session, we have our WBB student Nicole (also VP of LEAP) to help moderate.

Details and Registration: https://calendar.hkust.edu.hk/events/leap-talk-diversity-equity-and-inclusiveness-workplace

LEAP Talk: Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness in the Workplace